“I evaluate many organizations by: 'Do they have compassion?' 'Is their message Jesus?,' and 'Do they train and multiply?'."
      “I'm so thankful for Oasis, 'cause they’re doing it right. They're doing a biblical model.” —Josh McDowell

Oasis World Ministries

We reached our goal of seeing one million people pray to receive Christ and have now entered phase two of our journey, as God’s favor causes us to MULTIPLY to reach millions more. We’re seeing God multiply our efforts to reach entire countries. As we train Certified Trainers, thousands more are coming to Christ.

Luis Gutierrez

"I have been using “One Minute Witness” to testify about Jesus our Lord, and let me tell you that a week ago I used OMW and shared the Gospel with a lady who, with tears in her eyes, prayed to give her heart to Jesus. I am doing that almost every day, few days ago I talk to 10 people in a bus stop…”



(Video above) Pastor Erick Munoz, Guatemala

“It has changed my whole way of thinking… I’ve been teaching evangelism for so many years, but I never thought that evangelism could be this easy. Our church is about 4000 people; I’m going to pass it unto the whole church, and we’re going to the 24 churches that we oversee…” it's just created a great impact in our lives. Thank you.”



(Video above) Pastor Robert Bilda, Haiti

Sister Judith Pierre Louis  

“I have already talked with over 150 people and as for today about 20 have already received Christ. I thank God for this tool that Oasis World Ministries bring to us in Haiti.”



(Video above) D. Mohan, New Life AG Church, Chennai, India

Pastor Samuel in Mumbai, Oasis coordinator for Mumbai (21 million people),
trained his whole congregation in our One Minute Witness training tool and told his people they must all share their faith every day. Two months later he testifies he has 100 new people attending the church.


(Video above) Pastor Peter Nuthu, AG Kenya

Solomon Waweru
"We trained everybody also gave them to practice two by two. Thereafter we went out (including children) for one hour to put it for practice in the field… everybody was excited by this simple but very effective program and several souls were reached… scores promised to come to church next Sunday. In my team a young highschool senior got saved and came back with me to church and he testified. Amen”



(Video above) Suman Gurung, Nepal AG



(Video above) Cerrato Saturnino, Nicaragua AG (Español)






(Video above) Kurt Steinbach, TN USA


“This is the greatest tool that will help us evangelize our nation, reach every soul and create passion that will be long lasting in the lives of believers.” — Francis Kamau

“The OMW is very efficient for the success of evangelism. Today I shared my faith with 10 people. 5 accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, including a witchdoctor who confess with his own mouth that Jesus is Lord from today over his life…” — Pastor Aramy BAPTISTE


“Praise God now I have a tool. I have already prayed with 34 people who made a decision. Now I can say that I am an Evangelist.” — Brother Eddy


“We were a team of 2. As we approach a group of men playing, when we asked them permission they were very careful about what we were going to say. We talked to 15 people and 4 of them accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. I just like this move of God here.” — Sister Popo Marie Helen

Ruokuo, Oasis national evanglist working in Nagaland, Northern India, reported: I'd like to share with you some responses about your booklet "One-Minute Witness: One of the World's Easiest Faith-Sharing Tools."

Neiba is a young man who said he has been involved in youth ministries almost ten years and hadn't known of ways to be a witness for Jesus. He said the One-Minute Witness was an eye opener for him because it's so simple, yet provides such a touching way to share his story about how Jesus has impacted his life.

Kenei Khate is the senior pastor of Union Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in Kohima City, Northern India. He said the One-Minute Witness booklet is so simple and can change people's lives in huge ways. Men and women have been brought to tears when they invited Jesus into their lives and families. Whenever he uses the One-Minute Witness tool, the response and results are amazing. This little booklet is very helpful to train young people to win souls for God.

Ruokuo said, "It's so thrilling to share my witness for Jesus by using the One-Minute Witness booklet. During November and December 2009, by the grace of God, I shared my story to 150 young people in three different Bible seminaries in Dimapur, Northern India. Now in 2010 I have gotten invitations from two Bible colleges to teach the One-Minute Witness. I am so excited to share my faith daily, any where, any place, and any time."

We ALL can do this. We ALL have a story, and this One-Minute Witness tool makes it fun and easy. After learning and applying this One-Minute Witness tool, a pastor said, "To think I have wasted all these years by not sharing my faith. Now I can do it with confidence."