“I evaluate many organizations by: 'Do they have compassion?' 'Is their message Jesus?,' and 'Do they train and multiply?'."
      “I'm so thankful for Oasis, 'cause they’re doing it right. They're doing a biblical model.” —Josh McDowell

Gospel & Healing Festivals

Sharing the Gospel with those who haven't heard

On average, every 3 minutes a person in the 10/40 window accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior through the prayers and support of Oasis World Ministries.

One of the ways that Oasis World Ministries reaches people with the "Good News" is through gospel and healing festivals. Each festival is held at remote, third-world areas where few if any evangelist has traveled before. 

Since 1996, over 705,000 people have said "yes" to Jesus Christ at Oasis gospel and healing festivals in remote regions of the 10/40 window. For more than half of those who attend a festival, it will be the very first time that they have heard a clear presentation of the gospel. 

Each five-day, open-air gospel and healing festival draws up to 10,000 villagers who travel up to 30 kilometers away to hear about a God who loves them. For more than half of those who come to the festival, it is the first time that they have ever heard a clear presentation of the gospel.

Thousands receive Christ at each festival and hundreds more experience God's miraculous healing. The Oasis team has witnessed God open deaf ears and blind eyes; people who are crippled and suffer from paralysis get up and walk; and others who come with debilitating pain and high fevers have been healed by God's power.

After each gospel and healing festival, Oasis works with the local churches to follow up with those who have complete decisions cards. Hundreds of people attend local churches after each festival to continue to grow in their newly found faith.

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Will you help?

Oasis World Ministries relies on donations to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard it before. Please prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor.