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Gas Buy-Down

One of America's best faith-sharing events!

Experience the energy of seeing people excited about sharing their faith. Tom Elie, evangelist and president of Oasis World Ministries, teaches a unique approach to sharing one's faith in 60 seconds while at the gas pump. He uses the One-Minute Witness faith-sharing tool.

Everyone wins! Drivers are eager to get a gas discount. Station owners are thrilled with the added traffic flow to their businesses, and Christians learn a no-pressure approach to sharing their faith.

Participants simply ask the driver, "What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?" Then they ask,"May I share the best thing that has ever happened to me?" And if given the opportunity, they share how they have come to know Jesus Christ and the difference He has made in their lives.

After two hours at the gas pump, it's a win-win for everyone. This is why the gas buy-down is one of the world''s best faith-sharing events used today! 



"Our GAS BUY-DOWN was amazing!

I can't believe we touched over 200 people with the Gospel in 2 hours. It only cost our church $473 and we got more publicity and blessed our community more than anything else we could have done. People were so moved by simply receiving 25-cents off per gallon; a few were in tears. Many asked what the fund-raiser was for and then couldn't believe it was just for them.

In our church, people are continuing to step out and ask, "What's the greatest thing that has ever happened to you?" Your simple training on Saturday opened so many people up to sharing their faith in a very real way.

Thanks again for the idea and training. Our team looks forward to our next gas buy-down opportunity."

Mark Olson 

One-Minute Witness Training

This life-changing, eight-week training series is led by international evangelist Tom Elie. He will encourage and equip you to develop your One-Minute Witness. Then you'll put your one-minute witness to practice at a Gas Buy-Down faith-sharing event.

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