“I evaluate many organizations by: 'Do they have compassion?' 'Is their message Jesus?,' and 'Do they train and multiply?'."
      “I'm so thankful for Oasis, 'cause they’re doing it right. They're doing a biblical model.” —Josh McDowell

Evangelists Roundtable

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If you could TRIPLE the fruit of your ministry by adding one crucial step to what you are already doing, would you be interested? If so, this is your invitation to join other evangelists, pastors and teachers in a roundtable that will introduce this world-class tool, and will enable you to MULTIPLY your legacy.


We are planning to reach 40 million new believers by 2020. Could we partner with you?

By God’s grace, we have already seen over one million people come to Christ, and the Lord has given us a clear directive to MULTIPLY. We have developed a strategic evangelism training system that will help us reach our goal of 40 million.

In order to do this, we will need to partner with ministries and ministers who will collaborate with us. This opportunity may be one of the Ephesians 2:10 works that the Lord has ordained for your to walk in!


Our Evangelists Roundtable Agenda

EQUIP—They want to be more proficient in equipping others, advancing the Great Commission strategically.
NETWORK—They want to network with other like-minded servants of God as we learn from each other.
DREAM—They want to continually hone their visionary skills to better dream for a fruit-filled career.


Featuring the USA presentation
of the

This seminar has already been taught to thousands of pastors, denomination presidents, and bishops around the world, with overwhelming response. As we have equipped leaders to be Certified Trainers of this tool (One Minute Witness), over ½ million Christians have already been trained in this faith-sharing tool in other countries.

This tool can open many doors for USA evangelists to train in local churches, pastors conferences, and evangelism outreaches around the world.



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