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National Evangelists

Each National Evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals throughout India's most unreached villages to share the Gospel to people who have not heard. Evangelists introduce 5,000-10,000 people to Jesus as Savior each year.

Y Serech

Even though Y. Suresh was raised in a Christian home by his devoted mother and two sisters, he became an atheist and stirred up commotion when his uncle, conducted gospel meetings. Suresh tried to influence the people that there is no God.

At 16, Suresh received a lucky break and was hired as a movie actor. Between movie roles, Suresh was a successful soccer player and made a lot of money. However, neither success nor money brought him the peace his heart longed for.

In April 1988, Suresh had contemplated suicide when a man intervened and said he'd go to hell if he succeeded. Fearful, Suresh went home and while he was in bed he heard an audible voice, "I am Jesus. You should trust God, and not in kings. I will give you peace."

Suresh responded, "Lord if you help me, I will serve you."

That's when Suresh decided to follow Jesus and be baptized. He went to Hyderabad and fasted for days. On the thirteenth day of his fast, a missionary from Campus Crusade for Christ invited him to attend their school. He went there for four years and graduated in 1993. Afterwards he planted 18 churches until God led him to work as a national evangelist with Oasis in February 2009.

Will you help Oasis national evangelists reach the unreached people of remote villages?


National Evangelist: $7,500

Each national evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals and shares the Gospel with people who live throughout India's most unreached villages. Sponsorship covers a pastor's full-time salary, transportation and festival expenses.