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National Evangelists

Each National Evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals throughout India's most unreached villages to share the Gospel to people who have not heard. Evangelists introduce 5,000-10,000 people to Jesus as Savior each year.

National Evangelist: Madhu

Before coming to Christ, Madhu was a Hindu idol worshipper. In 2001 he was overwhelmed with problems to the point of becoming suicidal. At the same time a large gospel festival was being held in his town and God spoke to his heart, "Come to Me all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28).

Each day of the festival God gave him hope about his future. After hearing the word of God, peace filled his mind, and that's when he gave his life to Jesus.That's when his parents forced him to leave home.

Within 11 months, his entire family came to know Jesus Christ except for his mother. Then God called Madhu to serve Him. He thought he would have problems, but God spoke to him Mark 10:29-31, telling him that if you die you will live. He left everything and went to Bible school and finished his Bachelor of Divinity degree.

While he was in training, God called him to reach unbelievers. That's when he began working in four villages, reaching 40 people.

After hearing about Oasis, God showed him Isaiah 42:6-7, telling him that God has chosen him to reach the unreached, and Psalm 96:2, saying go and preach the word to those who haven't heard.

Madhu is unmarried and lives in Kurnool.

Will you help Oasis national evangelists reach the unreached people of remote villages?


National Evangelist: $7,500

Each national evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals and shares the Gospel with people who live throughout India's most unreached villages. Sponsorship covers a pastor's full-time salary, transportation and festival expenses.