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National Evangelists

Each National Evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals throughout India's most unreached villages to share the Gospel to people who have not heard. Evangelists introduce 5,000-10,000 people to Jesus as Savior each year.


Jeremiah's story

The fourth of seven children, Jeremiah was born and raised in a Pentecostal Christian family. His father had converted to Christianity shortly after he had married Jeremiah's mother. He was very passionate about Christ and became a prominent church member.

Jeremiah's father traveled with pastors to remote villages and share the gospel, and through him, many people had come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. Two churches have been launched through his help and each year the congregations remember him.

Jeremiah's older brothers left school in the tenth grade to work, but Jeremiah continued on to earn a Master's Degree in Commerce. Surely Jeremiah would hold a government position, his family thought, but God had another plan in mind.

In 1987, Jeremiah applied for a reservation certificate, but his father's Christian reputation caused speculation. The government officials came to inquire, "Are you a Hindu or a Christian? Who do you worship?"

Jeremiah's father replied, "My God is Jesus. I worship Him only."

The officials said, "If you worship Hindu idols, we will issue Jeremiah a reservation certificate."

His father replied, "No, my family and I only worship Jesus. My God is a complete God; He provides bread for my children. I won't reject my God; I won't worship Hindu gods. Your certificate is not necessary for us."

Then one day in 1989, while reading I Peter 4:12-16, "This portion spoken to my heart" Jeremiah realized the privilege to know Jesus Christ. Jeremiah repented. He confessed his sins to the Lord and gave his life to Jesus.

Jeremiah's father had dedicated his oldest son to serve God, but he lacked passionate faith, so his father encouraged Jeremiah to dedicate himself to serve God. Jeremiah began to see God's purpose for his life while he grew in his Christian faith, and in 1993 he was called into full-time ministry.

Jeremiah attended Bible College and ministered for two years. Afterwards he began church work in Kothagudem and hosted a Gospel and Healing Festival in 1993. In 1998 Jeremiah completed his Master of Divinity degree.

Then in 2004, Jeremiah left church work to serve as the first national evangelist with Oasis World Ministries. He has seen tens of thousands come to know the One True God.

Jeremiah is married and has two children.

Will you help Oasis national evangelists reach the unreached people of remote villages?


National Evangelist: $7,500

Each national evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals and shares the Gospel with people who live throughout India's most unreached villages. Sponsorship covers a pastor's full-time salary, transportation and festival expenses.