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National Evangelists

Each National Evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals throughout India's most unreached villages to share the Gospel to people who have not heard. Evangelists introduce 5,000-10,000 people to Jesus as Savior each year.

Emmanuel Nanada

Emmanuel's story

Emmanuel was raised in a nominal Christian home. His parents didn't know much about the Bible and its application to life.

A friend had taken Emmanuel to a Pentecostal meeting where he heard the pastor say, "Enjoy your youth, but one day you will be liable for all you do." Convicted, he surrendered his life to Christ in 1983.

After receiving salvation, Emmanuel began helping at church. That's when God called him into the ministry. Emmanuel went to a youth meeting where someone had prophesied that he would be preaching the gospel. This felt like a word of confirmation, because Emmanuel had felt from the beginning that he had the call of an evangelist.

Since 1987 Emmanual has worked as an evangelist on his own, with CSI church, with Campus Crusade for Christ where he showed the Jesus film through churches, and now with Oasis World Ministries.

Oasis provides partnership in evangelism so that he can branch out his efforts more efficiently and with more impact.

Emmanuel's greatest passion is sharing the gospel with the unreached people who live in remote villages. He graduated from Victory Bible School and became a pastor with an Assemblies of God church in his own village. Emmanuel enjoys sharing his faith with about five people each day and uses the One-Minute Witness faith-sharing tool as a guide.

Emmanuel is married with two children, a son and daughter.

Will you help Oasis national evangelists reach the unreached people of remote villages?


National Evangelist: $7,500

Each national evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals and shares the Gospel with people who live throughout India's most unreached villages. Sponsorship covers a pastor's full-time salary, transportation and festival expenses.