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National Evangelists

Each National Evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals throughout India's most unreached villages to share the Gospel to people who have not heard. Evangelists introduce 5,000-10,000 people to Jesus as Savior each year.

N. Bala Raju

Bala's story

Bala Raju was born into a Hindu family. His parents had a strong devotion to Hindu gods. Bala's mother died when he was three and his father was a drunkard.

When Bala Raju was young, he and his friends used to watch violent movies, and afterwards, they re-enact the plots by beating people up.

One day, an evangelist came to their village and talked about Jesus. Bala had never heard who Jesus is. When the evangelist came to their door, his father sent him away.

That night, Bala went to the gospel meeting to beat up the evangelist. The evangelist began to cry and said, "Do you not know what you are doing? One day you will be accountable to the judgment of God."

Soon after, Typhoid Fever struck Bala and there was no one to care for him. One night he had a dream about the evangelist he had beaten up and was reminded of what he had said, "One day you will be accountable to Jesus."

Ironically, the next day, the evangelist came to the village and had learned about Bala's sickness. The evangelist came to visit him and Bala asked, "Did you send a curse on me last night?"

"No," he said, "but God is calling you to believe in Him and repent, and God will heal you."

That very moment Bala accepted Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior.

Then in 1995, the evangelist sent Bala to Bible College. While there he attended a big gospel crusade, and Bala joined the operation mobilization ministry. This is where he developed a growing passion for reaching people for Jesus.

In 2005, Bala married his wife and was forced to leave the ministry because operation mobilization did not allow married people to serve in the ministry. So Bala began raising his own support and conducting gospel festivals. That's when he learned about Oasis World Ministries.

Since May 2009, Bala has been serving Oasis World Ministries as a National Evangelist and has seen thousands of people come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Will you help Oasis national evangelists reach the unreached people of remote villages?


National Evangelist: $7,500

Each national evangelist conducts weekly three-day festivals and shares the Gospel with people who live throughout India's most unreached villages. Sponsorship covers a pastor's full-time salary, transportation and festival expenses.