“I evaluate many organizations by: 'Do they have compassion?' 'Is their message Jesus?,' and 'Do they train and multiply?'."
      “I'm so thankful for Oasis, 'cause they’re doing it right. They're doing a biblical model.” —Josh McDowell



Welcome to 5 Star Evangelism!

Our 5 Star Evangelism Seminar and Certified Trainers Program is for you…

  • if you are a pastor who is serious about your people being fruitful in their marketplace, neighborhood and family.
  • if you're a Christian who’s wanted to share your faith with hurting people, but can’t find the right tool that fits.
  • who are tired of guilt-driven and fear-driven approaches.
  • who want a relational, friendly and natural conversation with unbelievers.
  • if you see our country failing fast, and know that our government is not the answer.
  • who know your destiny is to represent Jesus Christ in the world.
  • who want to share the joy of knowing Christ with others. 

This 2-Day 5 Star Evangelism training helps people succeed in becoming confident in sharing their faith. It motivates, equips, gives application, and follows up with a plan for the future. 


The most effective marketing tool available is the power of a testimony, so we help people become confident in sharing their own story of making Jesus the leader of their life.


  • People enter this course with anticipation, and leave with excitement.
  • People come with their fears and leave with a proven confidence.
  • People attend... and change their world from then on.
  • 5 STAR EVANGELISM is formulated from the belief that...

We have the BEST opportunity this world could ever offer—that of knowing the God of the universe personally through Jesus, the "one true God!" Christians should be equipped to be the BEST they can be in confidently sharing their faith. 

EVERYONE deserves a chance to hear the gospel clearly presented to them. Most unbelievers will not "darken the doorways" of our churches; we MUST lovingly go to them. In only ONE MINUTE they can confidently share their faith. (See the tool at www.oneminutewitness.org.)


5 Star Distinctives

5 Star Evangelism regards Compassion, Equipping, Application, Discipleship and Multiplication. These values provide for "World-class Evangelists" and everyday believers alike who are caring and trained with relevant tools, people who understand how to help others share their stories with a healthy vibrancy. 

Each 5 Star Evangelism Seminar  covers these topics:

★ Compassion:

—   Compelled by the intentional and merciful heart of God

★ Equipping:

—   Trained with relevant and fruitful tools

★ Application:

—   Sent and mentored according to the biblical 2x2 model

★ Discipleship:

—   Discipline ourselves so we can help others

★ Multiplication:

—   Born to bring others to eternal life, making believers and "reproducing ourselves" in a healthy, vibrant manner



5 Star Evangelism Creed

1. Put love for God first... always.

2. Embrace a goal of sharing your faith daily.

3. Equip and empower other Christians.

4. Excel at representing Christ’s love.

5. Remember you are investing in eternity!



Our 5 Star Church Goals

  • Daily Goal of Sharing Our Faith
  • Weekly Victory Reports
  • Monthly One Minute Witness Trainings


Training & Certification

The 5 Star Evangelism team has many success stories about training others in sharing their faith. This year, approximately 300,000 people will be trained in evangelism, and since 1996, seminars have been conducted touching over 20,000 leaders. We rejoice with thanks to God that this has been made possible. 

Note to Pastors: 5 Star Evangelism training is about bringing a profound, life-changing experience to your church community. Through instruction and time for direct application, we've seen lives changed and the message of Christ go forth. 

We're interested in more than framing a letter on your wall. We want to provide quality training through certified trainers that everyone can feel good about. Becoming certified is easy, and as one result, others can readily identify trainers as people of thoughtful compassion-evangelism. 

For more information on the 5 Star Evangelism program, or hosting a seminar, please call us at 763-425-9355, or E-mail info@oasiswm.org.



5 Star Evangelism is by Oasis World Ministries (Oasis), a U.S. Non-profit with international reach. Oasis has a track record in successful evangelism festivals, tools development, and in creating compassion-investment opportunities. 

Oasis is governed by a Board of Directors and is currently led by Tom Elie, its Founding Executive Director. Following are some introductory remarks regarding the organization's current leadership.

"I traveled with Evangelist, Tom Elie, for 10 days in India as part of the teaching and ministry team. We witnessed many healings and powerful testimonies of the work of Jesus in our midst. We trained, equipped, prayed with and encouraged dozens of local pastors, prayed for hundreds of people, met with local leaders, and preached the gospel to various groups of non-believers. Tom has a great heart for evangelism and is a joy to work with."

—Steve Gartland, Regional Director, Alpha USA/ Twin Cities 

"I highly recommend Tom Elie both as minister of the Gospel and as a worship minister...his heart is attune to Christ's soon return and to the heart of God for lost souls."
—Sam Farina 

"Brother Tom Elie has come to India 37 times. What a great joy! What a great investment! What a great passion that this dear brother carries...This great ministry carries the spirit of Jesus Christ with great compassion, sharing the 'good news' with poor people even in remote villages where no one has gone. This is the victory of this ministry. I pray that every pastor around the world will support this ministry."
—D. Mohan, Pastor of New Life AG in Chennai and Superintendent of India AG churches 

"We highly recommend Tom Elie as a missionary evangelist...Brother Elie has always been a strong Evangelist along with being a strong pastor."
—Clarence W. St. John, District Superintendent, Minnesota Assemblies of God 

"After three decades of ministry, I have come to deeply value servants of Christ whose greatest joy is to glorify God and expand His kingdom. Tom Elie is such a man. With a passion for the Savior and devotion to the gospel, Tom is used of God to reach across cultural barriers, meet pressing needs, and introduce thousands to Jesus. Without hesitation I can assure you that partnering with Tom Elie for any Kingdom endeavor will be a spiritually enriching experience."
—Tracy Weaver, Risen Life Ministries


Testimony from Africa

(Video above) David in Africa, 5 Star Evangelism Testimony


"Rescue the perishing, care for the dying,
Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave;
Weep o'er the erring one, lift up the fallen,
Tell them of Jesus, the mighty to save."

—Fanny Crosby


WHERE do we go from here?

We would be glad to prayerfully consider conducting this life-changing event for your town. Contact us at www.oasisworldministries.org or info@oasiswm.org.

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