“I evaluate many organizations by: 'Do they have compassion?' 'Is their message Jesus?,' and 'Do they train and multiply?'."
      “I'm so thankful for Oasis, 'cause they’re doing it right. They're doing a biblical model.” —Josh McDowell


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Our goal is to train all willing Christians to be confident and compassionate in sharing their faith! We welcome potential Certified Trainers, inviting all Presidents/Bishops of Denominations, Pastors Leagues and Alliances.

This 5 Star Evangelism, 2-Day training is growing the church, its people and the influence they each have in their country. It’s a positive investment in each church’s future, as they aspire to represent our Lord Jesus and bring many to know Him personally. This seminar ignites the fire in the church believers as they learn to confidently share their own story of what Jesus means to them.

We ask each ministerial president/bishop to attend our seminar and invite all their local pastors to attend. Each pastor may bring ONE OR TWO LOCAL PEOPLE, future trainers with them from their local church, those who have a great passion for evangelism. The local ministerial and churches should pay the expenses for the THREE people to attend, including travel and lodging. When needed, the local churches in the training area attempt to provide lodging for those attending.

 Attendees are presented with LEARNING about:

Trainer's certification for churches, sections, states/regions and nations/countries
• The DNA of Oasis World Ministries—A Soul-Winning Organization!
• The history, vision and goals of the 5 Star Evangelism Seminar
Opportunities for Certified Trainers (training, leadership development, discovering joy, networking pastors, leaders etc.)
Expectations of Certified Trainers (integrity, goals, objectives and strategies, opportunities to minister)
Characteristics of Certified Trainers (character, competence and chemistry)
Support Materials and Literature
• Certified Churches (pastors’ and trainers’ goals)
• (… and more!)

I think what excites me the most is that I know it works, not only for individuals like you and I, but in every culture we have introduced it! Our 5 Star Evangelism Training is simple, personal and effective. Plus, we get to see the immediate satisfaction of those to whom we train as they go out nervous, and return excited! I’m grateful for the network God is putting together.

When I first began dreaming of reaching our first million souls, I never dreamed of what we are experiencing now. Ephesians 3:20 is really true… "exceeding abundantly more than you could ask or think." Praise God. And I am humbled to work with others like you who have a similar passion, seasoned experience and a humble, servant heart to serve the Lord.

Thanks for all your help. Thank you for letting us partner with you, God’s choice generals of His army. May we have a strong partnership in ‘equipping the saints for the work of ministry.’ May God bless you!"

Tom Elie,  Oasis World Ministries


Sponsored by Oasis World Ministries, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.