“I evaluate many organizations by: 'Do they have compassion?' 'Is their message Jesus?,' and 'Do they train and multiply?'."
      “I'm so thankful for Oasis, 'cause they’re doing it right. They're doing a biblical model.” —Josh McDowell

Building Churches

India has approximately 650,000 rural villages with a population of over 700,000,000. While most of the large population centers have had an introduction to the Gospel, few of these rural villages have ever heard about a God who loves them.

Building churches where there are none

Oasis works with local Indian pastors and tradesmen who have constructed over 110 churches for pastors and their congregations in remote villages of India. These are the first Christian worship centers these villages have ever had. Today over 22,000 Christians living in remote villages now have a place to worship the One True God and grow in their newly found faith. 

Churches are often built near villages where people first hear about Jesus during an Oasis five-day gospel and healing festival.

Remarkable church growth

In the area of Kalyunderga, India, where Oasis World Ministries had conducted a major gospel and healing festival in 2002, Christianity has grown from a half percent to three percent in the last eight years. Since that time Oasis has built 25 churches in this area and is attributed for much of this growth in Christianity.

Pastor Thimothi Rao, Oasis World Ministries India Director

Oasis World Ministries builds churches where there is an established congregation that is lead by a Christian pastor who has the land and simply needs a facility to meet at.

Story: First Oasis-built Church

Will you help build more?

Your donation will help us bring "Living Water" to thirsty people.

$6,300 will provide a 40 x 60, brick church for a village currently without a place to worship Jesus Christ.

Churches are built in villages where there is no Christian worship center and where there is land to build upont and an existing congregation and pastor who are in need of a place to worship. 

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