“I evaluate many organizations by: 'Do they have compassion?' 'Is their message Jesus?,' and 'Do they train and multiply?'."
      “I'm so thankful for Oasis, 'cause they’re doing it right. They're doing a biblical model.” —Josh McDowell



A.D. means "Anno Domini". It is Latin for 'the year of our Lord.' 

This is the easiest and most fun part of our story, because we get to talk about the positive change Christ has made in our lives. 

Here are some of the benefits of coming to know Christ and the difference He makes in our lives: having a new joy, a sense of purpose and fulfillment, no more guilt, new friends, and assurance of eternal life. It's a picture of the father rejoicing when his prodigal son came home, "My son was lost but now he's found; he was dead but now he's alive!" (Luke 15). 

My A.D. sounds like this:

"Since asking Jesus to be the king of my life, I have new purpose, new joy, and the confidence of that I can go to heaven when I die." 

Write down three adjectives that describe the positive change that Christ has made in your life. That's not to hard, is it? 

Five easy steps to your One-Minute Witness

1. Permission

2. B.C. (Before Christ)

3. T.P. (Turning Point)

4. A.D. (Anno Domini)

5. "If I had never met Jesus..."

The One-Minute Witness tool can revolutionize your life and mobilize you in sharing your faith without fear. Thousands of others are using it. So give it a try... for the sake of those God intends to influence through you!